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Attorney for Another Capitol Rioter Appears to Trash His Own Client

The following article, Attorney for Another Capitol Rioter Appears to Trash His Own Client, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The events of January 6th were unique in American history:  Never before had Americans forced their way into the building in order to disrupt the machinations of our government.

And, almost as unprecedented, are the ways in which the lawyers hired to represented those who participated on that fateful are absolutely trashing their own clients…and in public, no less.

First was the attorney for the “QAnon Shaman”, who made a number of derogatory remarks regarding people with mental disabilities in an attempt to suggest that his own client was somehow incapable of understanding why he was doing what he was doing.  (Which was running around the halls of Congress with a spear and a fur-and-horns headdress).

Now, another lawyer representing another of the Capitol rioters is taking a similarly brazen approach.

Anthony Antonio, who is accused of entering the Capitol during the riot, wasn’t interested in politics before the 2020 election and as an impressionable young man, his attorney plans to argue in court that he was unduly influenced by Fox News.

Attorneys have told Newsweek that the “blame Trump” defense isn’t a strong one because in a trial, defendants will be held accountable for their own actions. Joseph Hurley, Antonio’s lawyer, acknowledged to the Associated Press that misinformation is also “not a defense.”

And then…

“But it will be brought up to say: This is why he was here. The reason he was there is because he was a dumb*** and believed what he heard on Fox News,” Hurley said.

This “play dumb” approach isn’t likely to work in court, however, as the FBI and others continue to unravel a large cache of communications from within the mobs of rioters that suggests a complex web of premeditation and vetting.

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