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Memorial Day Travel Surges Arrives, But Doesn’t Fit Biden Admin’s ‘July 4th’ Storyline

The following article, Memorial Day Travel Surges Arrives, But Doesn’t Fit Biden Admin’s ‘July 4th’ Storyline, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Can you imagine the speechwriters’ room at the White House this week?  They are watching the pandemic vanish before their very eyes, and with it the possibility of hammering home their “Independence Day” public relations campaign.

From the very start of Biden’s time in office, he’s been hinting at July 4th gatherings as the surefire sign that we’ve beaten the pandemic, and why not?  This makes for the perfect Independence from the Virus storyline, and it would not be surprising to picture a dry erase board in some windowless room in the bowels of the White House filled with July 4th anecdotes and portmanteaus, as the administration’s PR team salivates over all of the possibilities.

But there is a problem:  The pandemic is waning too fast to stretch this thematic/semantic grift into June, let alone another 5 weeks from now.

American air travel is set to make a comeback with 60% more people expected to travel this Memorial Day weekend, compared to last year.

For some of the more than 37 million Americans likely to travel, an expanding airline industry now means a selection of new, cost-effective options.

“$19 flight — doesn’t really get any cheaper than that,” says Memorial Day traveler Dylan Herrera.

That’s how Avelo Airlines CEO Andrew Levy is trying to boost demand for his new low-cost airline.

“We’re trying to go out there and give customers choice,” Levy told CBS News’ transportation correspondent Errol Barnett. “We have wonderful people, great low fares. And, yeah, we’re just excited to be out in the marketplace.”

And the administration’s hesitance to reopen, even if based upon some desire to execute this July 4th narrative, could have real world consequences for American workers who are waiting for further guideline changes to get back to their jobs, or for businesses who are awaiting the rescinding of capacity restrictions to get out of the red.

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Merely the dems in their agenda of control & power, have to keep their scamdemic going as long as possible; forever if they can…..

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