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Redaction Mistake Reveals True Scope of Giuliani Investigation

Rudy Giuliani

The following article, Redaction Mistake Reveals True Scope of Giuliani Investigation, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Rudy Giuliani has spent the better part of the last five years in figurative trench warfare, crisscrossing the country in the name of keeping Donald Trump’s political power intact.

His latest offering to The Don was, obviously, his continued support for Trump’s assertion that the 2020 election was stolen from him.  For his work, Rudy received a $1 billion+ defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems and a thorough, ongoing thrashing in the liberal media.

The latest trouble to come the way of the former NYC mayor arrived in the form of a federal raid on his Manhattan properties, in which investigators absconded with a number of digital devices.

Now, an erroneously-redacted court filing appears to reveal precisely what the feds have in mind for Giuliani.

New York federal prosecutors investigating Rudy Giuliani have seized material from a wider array of individuals than previously disclosed, including messages from email and iCloud accounts they believe belong to two former Ukrainian government officials, as well as the cell phone and iPad of a pro-Trump Ukrainian businessman, according to a court document unsealed Tuesday.

Now for the peculiar part.

The court filing, which contained redacted portions that CNN was able to read by copying and pasting them into another document, also disclosed that federal prosecutors have “historical and prospective cell site information” related to Giuliani and another lawyer, Victoria Toensing, both of whom were the subjects of search warrants executed late last month.

Of course, these sort of mistakes are highly uncommon and amateur, begging the question as to just who accidental the faulty reductions were.

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tom s

Merely more of the militarization of federal agencies being used by the democrats against their opposition, started by obama and continuing by biden & handlers. And now we see state govt agencies in the blue controlled states doing the same. Previously it was when a crime was found, the police investigated and looked for the ‘purp’; but now we see a prosecutor trying to find a ‘crime’ to charge their opposition with.

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