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Putin Puffs His Chest, Say He’ll ‘Knock The Teeth Out’ of Aggressors


The following article, Putin Puffs His Chest, Say He’ll ‘Knock The Teeth Out’ of Aggressors, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Over the course of the last two decades, Russia has been on a collision course with a world that has been looking on warily.

At the center of this mess is Vladimir Putin: Technically the President of Russia, but he has maintained his power by constantly and consistency changing the way that Russia elections are held, and by adjusting just where the authority lies within the Kremlin.

Furthermore, Putin seems to care very little for how the rest of the world perceives him, which in turn emboldens his aggressive nature.

The latest ridiculous machismo out of Moscow sounds like something out of a cartoon.

In strong remarks during a conference call with officials, the Russian president noted that foreign efforts to contain Russia date from centuries ago.

“In all times, the same thing happened: once Russia grew stronger, they found pretexts to hamper its development,” Putin said, alleging that some critics of Russia who he didn’t name have argued that it’s unfair for it to keep its vast natural riches all to itself.

“Everyone wants to bite us or bite something off us, but those who would like to do so should know that we would knock their teeth out so that they couldn’t bite,” the Russian leader said. “The development of our military is the guarantee of that.”

Given Putin’s penchant for running afoul of the international community, there is little doubt that such a ludicrous assertion has raised many an eyebrow in the western world…if for no other reason than to see him accused of overcompensating for something.

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With the Democrats in charge of all three branches of the government, Putin will be able to do whatever he wants to do because Biden and his clowns are all weaklings and will cave and capitulate to any country who puts up a resistance.

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