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GOP Rep Looks to Ground Kamala Until She Does Her Border Homework

The following article, GOP Rep Looks to Ground Kamala Until She Does Her Border Homework, was first published on Flag And Cross.

For over two months now, Vice President Kamala Harris has been in charge of addressing the humanitarian crisis developing at our southern border, and for two months now, she’s been unable to muster any willingness to visit the southern border.

This has been an infuriating reality for Republicans, (and some Democrats), who believe that Harris’s absence at the border not only hampers her ability to resolve the issue, but also creates a very real impression that the Vice President has little desire to address this immigration crisis.

Now, one GOP Rep. is looking to keep Kamala Harris from traveling anywhere but the border.

Rep. Ashley Hinson, R-Iowa, on Thursday will introduce a bill that would bar taxpayer money from being used for the travel expenses of Vice President Kamala Harris until she visits the southern border and issues a report on how to solve the crisis there.

“We have an absolute crisis at the border, and Vice President Harris was appointed to lead the administration’s efforts on the border crisis, but it’s been 56 days, and in that time she hasn’t been to the border once,” Hinson told Fox News in an interview Wednesday. “She hasn’t held a news conference on the administration’s efforts for a plan, and I think it’s time she does that.”

So, how exactly would it work?

The See The Crisis Act would prohibit federal funds from being used to pay travel expenses for the vice president, including Air Force Two and security details for any travel outside the U.S., until she has visited the border to review the crisis and submitted a report to Congress.

That report would include all of the vice president’s meetings with agencies at the border, plans to deal with the crisis and the amount of foreign aid to be given to Northern Triangle countries to respond to the crisis.

The Biden administration has previously characterized this unprecedented surge in migrants as a “seasonal” occurrence – a statement that was deemed laughable by a number of border experts.

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