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FBI Warns They’ll Prosecute Vaccination Card Fakers — Even Though Cards Hold No Legal Standing

The following article, FBI Warns They’ll Prosecute Vaccination Card Fakers — Even Though Cards Hold No Legal Standing, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The corrupt Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning Americans that they may prosecute you for presenting a fake coronavirus vaccination card even though vaccination cards have no real standing in law.

Vaccination cards are supposed to identify the carrier as having taken a coronavirus vaccine, of course, but the FBI has claimed that the selling and purchase of a faked one “endangers public safety” and that gives them the right to arrest you if the card carries some version of an official government seal.

Unauthorized usage of an official government agency seal is a crime that may be punishable under Title 18, United States Code, Section 1017, and other federal laws. Penalties may include hefty fines and even prison time, the Bureau says.

The FBI’s Chicago office is even saying that posting images of vaccination cards online is a crime.

The Bureau posted dos and dont’s:

  • Do not post pictures of your vaccination cards online. These cards may contain your name, date of birth, insurance information, or more and may be used to steal your identity or commit fraud.
  • If you have already posted a picture of your vaccination card to social media, remove it immediately.
  • Rely on trusted sources like your doctor, the Center for Disease Control, or your local health department for information related to the coronavirus and vaccinations. Be skeptical of unsolicited offers of miracle cures or vaccination documents.

Even more ridiculously, the FBI suddenly assumed the mantle of scientists by making its own recommendations about what to do in this so-called “pandemic”:

Because individuals may use fake vaccine cards to misrepresent themselves as vaccinated, we strongly encourage businesses, schools, places of worship, and government agencies to follow CDC guidance and continue to maintain social distancing and use personal protective equipment. If you did receive the vaccine, we recommend you do not post photos of your vaccine card to social media websites—your personal information could be stolen to commit fraud.

The corrupt, anti-law FBI strikes again.

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