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Navy Releases Stunning New UFO Footage with Craft Dipping into Ocean

The following article, Navy Releases Stunning New UFO Footage with Craft Dipping into Ocean, was first published on Flag And Cross.

In just a few weeks’ time, the US government will run smack dab into a hard deadline for UFO disclosure, and certain aspects of our federal footprint are already beginning to trickle information out to the public.

The July 1st deadline comes from a late edition to the last COVID-19 relief bill that demanded that the CIA and other agencies disclose to the public whatever it is that they know about unidentified flying objects, and whether or not the government is in possession of materials from these strange craft.

The Navy has been fairly forthcoming ahead of the deadline, however, sharing a number of videos of so-called “Tic Tac” UFO’s that harassed the fighting force over the Pacific Ocean some years ago.

Now, that stunning footage has been complemented by another equally as shocking piece that shows the mysterious object dipping into the ocean itself.

A NEW Navy video appears to show a UFO whizzing through the sky before dropping into the ocean – and an ex-pilot has said the military “sees them all the time.”

The orb-shaped object was caught buzzing the Navy ship USS Omaha in July 2019 as personnel tracked it with a targeting camera.

“Whoa he’s getting close,” one person is heard saying off-camera.

Then, seconds later, the shape goes into the ocean and disappears from view.

“Splash! Splash! Mark bearing range” the same voice is heard exclaiming.

The images and footage were published by investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell on Mystery Wire, and noting that the incident took place on the evening of July 15, 2019, off the coast of San Diego.

The footage is spooky, to say the least, and certainly worth a watch:






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Country Boy

Just great, we’re already getting our lunch handed to us by Iran and China under Fueher Biden, but if Aliens from Zotar are going to attack us, with Biden at the helm of the US, we’ll be doomed for sure.
The aliens will capture kamala but bring her back in the morning. ROFL.

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