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Undocumented Voter Drive

The following article, Undocumented Voter Drive, was first published on Flag And Cross.

A Political Cartoon By A.F. Branco Exclusively for Flag and Cross ©2021

See more A.F. Branco cartoons on his website Comically Incorrect.

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tom s

The democrat’s voting base, illegals, dead people, multiple dem votes per dem, and the mail-in-ballot scheme.


The reason, they get away with this kind of illegal activities is because the media protects them. I long for the days when the media was a neutral force that looked after the American people and protected them from government abuse. What we now have is media bias that helps Democrats get power and stay in power. When we think of government, media, supreme court, and the Democrat Party, we think of several groups of people against our constitution. Of course, all of this starts with our education system. Our education system started indoctrinating our children toward socialism about 60… Read more »

John Sullivan

I see a four step process in the works, the Biden Administration will set up four tables near the borders for illegal aliens: Table 1. Joe Biden will pardon all illegal aliens of all petty, immigration, and tax crimes. They will then step up, fill out, and sign the pardon papers. Table 2. The Democrat controlled Congress will completely trash our immigration laws and declare, by law, all aliens living in the US become naturalized American citizens. They will then step up, fill out, and sign the citizenship papers. Table 3. The Democrat controlled Congress will increase entitlements and welfare… Read more »

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