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MSNBC: If Joe Was President In 2020 the COVID Death Count Would Be Much Lower

The following article, MSNBC: If Joe Was President In 2020 the COVID Death Count Would Be Much Lower, was first published on Flag And Cross.

You have to be a very ignorant person with a background devoid of religion to believe liberal policies are best for the country. To think that Joe Biden and his team are doing a good job in the White House is beyond absurd.

Welcome to MSNBC – where the ridiculousness knows no bounds.

These people are bonkers.


From Right Scoop:

“The competence of this team is beyond debate”?? Good grief, what planet is Nicole Wallace on???

It was Trump and his administration that made all these vaccines happen. We were at a million vaccines a day by the time Biden stepped into the Oval Office. The work had already been done. It was the competence of Team Trump that brought us to where we are now. What exactly has Biden done that even remotely compares to what Trump did? Nothing. His administration simply kept the ‘vaccine machine’ moving that Trump built.

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Ha-ha-ha right. 80,000 on Obama and his watch died before they realized they had an epidemic with the H1N1 virus during their term. MSNBC are such liars and to this date they would call it the flu to cover for Biden.

Delbert Tharp
Delbert Tharp

Who is kidding who. You people don’t have a honest bone in your body when it comes to reporting the news or anything else. The democrats, including Joe, thought Trump was over stepping his authority when he closed down flights from China. They also didn’t like it being called China virus because of where it came from. I watched Joe’s speech and he said nothing about what he has accomplished but took credit for everything that Trump had done. I hope you are getting paid well from the democrats because you are nothing but a mouth piece for them. Get… Read more »


More guessing , conjecture , and stupidity

tom s

If old china-joe or any other democrat had been president in 2020 the news-arm of the democrat political party would have been calling the deaths of the year being caused by cancers, heart attacks, and the other causes as were called in 2019 and prior.

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