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Flashback: Biden Says His Son ‘Was Attorney General of the United States’ (Watch)

The following article, Flashback: Biden Says His Son ‘Was Attorney General of the United States’ (Watch), was first published on Flag And Cross.

*Originally published February 2020* Okay, it is officially past time for Joe Biden to drop out of the 2020 presidential race. The man just isn’t playing with a full deck. It’s sad to see but also so blatantly obvious, at this point. The former VP can’t remember even the simple things.

Do you recall a time in American history when Beau Biden, Joe’s deceased son, was attorney general of the United States? If so, during which administration? How long did he serve in the role, exactly?

Oh, Joe.

He said, “My son, the one who, my deceased son, was the Attorney General of the United States, and before that, he was a federal prosecutor in one of the largest offices in the country in Philadelphia.”



Biden is promising one term in the White House, if his health declines while in office.

Not a joke.

From Washington Examiner:

Joe Biden said that he would not seek a second term as president if his health deteriorates while in office.

Who does Biden think he’s kidding?

The guy may or may not be gifted the Democrat nomination for president, despite little to no real opposition. That’s how weak the 2020 field truly is.

And yet, he thinks he can go without Barack Obama’s endorsement?

Well, Joe, you’re already a twice-failed presidential candidate. You’d think you would want all the help you can get.

Joe says no, though. He doesn’t want Barry’s name attached to his candidacy, despite dropping Obama’s name at every campaign stop whenever he gets the chance.


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Oh well when you in the la la land of dementia you your wife or kids can be what ever your sick brain calls for. And OLD BS’s must be in full action 60% of the time. Devilrats are seeing to it now that Ovomit is his closet Moslem coach trying to stop the move more each day to that la la land. What a gift Ovomit is getting his elusive third term with bs as his voice once again.

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