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Flashback: College Kids Say Founding Fathers Are ‘Villains’ — Not Heroes (Watch)

The following article, Flashback: College Kids Say Founding Fathers Are ‘Villains’ — Not Heroes (Watch), was first published on Flag And Cross.

*Originally published July 2020* The education system has failed the country. Far too many liberal instructors have brainwashed younger generations into believing that America is a bad place.

Of course, those same people aren’t saying a word about the atrocities committed in third world countries, thanks to despotic leaders.

No. Bush, Trump, those are the tyrannical leaders. The guys who love the United States.

From Washington Examiner:

Colleges students in Florida believe the Founding Fathers did more evil than good.

In a video released by Campus Reform on Friday, digital reporter Eduardo Neret asked students if they perceive the founders as heroes or villains, to which most said the latter because of their acceptance of slavery.


One day, in the near future, all statues will be toppled and scrapped – if lefties get their wish. Goodbye George, Thomas, Abe, Teddy, everyone – gone.

Check out the latest from Pelosi, via Washington Examiner:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said there should be a “review” of historical statues for possible removal, perhaps even those of the Founding Fathers.

During a Washington Post interview on Thursday, the California Democrat was asked about how the United States should deal with the issue of the Founding Fathers who were slave owners going forward. The speaker called slavery a “sin” and said she was also concerned about the past treatment of Native Americans.

Pelosi blabbered, “Have a review in terms of let’s take it down safely so that we’re not hurting anybody when the statue comes down or costing more money to get rid of it or get rid of the defacing of something that maybe shouldn’t have been.

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How do they do this as most do not take American History? Oh I’m betting their commie instructors give them this style of American history straight from CCP and Russia. This is where the downfall of America will come from stupid college grads with no ,none knowledge of this country just CCP as the good boys and Russia a swell bunch of guys with many great ideas for us.

tom s

And so many of those same youths believe that ‘communism’ would be okay??

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