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Nancy Pelosi Blames ‘Whiteness’ for Capitol Breach: Rioters Chose Race Over ‘Democracy’

The following article, Nancy Pelosi Blames ‘Whiteness’ for Capitol Breach: Rioters Chose Race Over ‘Democracy’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

There are too many things wrong with Nancy Pelosi to fit into this post. At the top of the list, she’s pro-abortion yet calls herself Catholic – just like crazy Joe Biden.

It’s as if this woman was put on the planet just to annoy conservatives.

And if that’s the case, she’s killing it.

From The Daily Wire:

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) added to the already deep divide in our nation during a online meeting with constituents in San Francisco on Saturday, claiming the Trump supporters who breached the Capitol on Wednesday chose their “whiteness over democracy.”

Pelosi said, “When that assault was taking place on the Capitol, 3,865 people in our country died of the coronavirus, many of them people of color because of the injustice of it all. The next day, on Thursday, 4,000 people died of the coronavirus. Why? Because decisions were made at the highest level, months before in the Oval Office, of denial, distortion, delay, calling it a ‘hoax.’

She added, “I thought it was going to be an epiphany for those who were in opposition of our democracy to see the light. Instead, it was an epiphany for the world to see that there are people in our country, led by this President, for the moment, who have chosen their whiteness over democracy. That’s what this is about.”

Democrats love them some “democracy” when it’s convenient. Yet, they have no problem censoring anybody who disagrees with them.

Classic liberal logic, right there.

America is in for a world of hurt over the next four years. We can only hope enough people come to their senses during the midterms in 2022.

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Sgt York
Sgt York

Here your now seeing more racist bs from her as if she is green blue or yellow and not white. You gotta be a total ass to keep slamming your own race just to get people on yor side from another race.

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