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DAVIDSON — The Left’s Latest Mantra: ‘Trust the Science’

The following article, DAVIDSON — The Left’s Latest Mantra: ‘Trust the Science’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

“Trust the science.” Of late, we’ve seen that the Left employs, “Trust the science” as a bogus ploy to restrict freedom. California and New York, under lockdown, are doing far worse than Florida which has no lockdowns. Dr. Deborah Birx breaks her own rules about family gatherings. Governor Gretchen Whitmer extends indoor dining restrictions in Michigan for 12 days, based on what?

Has the Left suddenly misconstrued what science even is? No. They have long abused scientific method and inquiry. Do they adhere to their own exhortations? Hardly. Their massive campaign to besmirch the value of hydroxychloroquine, because Donald Trump touted it, is one for the annals of medical history.

Blank Slates and Beleaguered Brains

Science is supposed to be free from bias, but it rarely works out that way. Examples of scientific short-sightedness abound. Many on the Left believe in the human mind as a tabula rasa or “blank slate” shaped largely by culture. Studies of twins separated at birth and later reunited, however, confirm that inborn characteristics play a large role in an individual’s development.

Many on the Left contend that all GMOs are bad, yet humankind has been genetically modifying organisms for at least 10,000 years through breeding and selection. The size and quality of fruit and vegetables today, as a case in point, dwarf their ancient counterparts.

Some on the Left won’t acknowledge male/female differences in synapse firing and brain functioning, male/female aptitude and behavioral differences, real differences in IQ levels among specific gene pools, the awareness and sensory levels of human fetuses at various stages of development, the role of motivation and incentive in human behavior, the impact of solar activity on Earth’s climate, or the limits of evolution theory.

A Model, not the End All

Evolution is a theory that explains the development of much, but not all, of life on earth. Many on the Left regard it as sacrosanct without undertaking any further inquiry. The theory of evolution’s shortcomings are exposed when discussing what happened before the big bang, what caused the big bang, where the matter unleashed by the big bang originated, how earth developed organic molecules, how ultra-complex biological mechanisms allegedly evolved, and why asexual reproduction is prevalent everywhere on earth in the form of bacteria

Evolution explains most of the formulation of life on earth and likely elsewhere. However, life itself, as far as we know, cannot occur without some combination of six elements: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulfur. Further, life requires moisture, and heat or energy. Earth has water and heat, but researchers are unsure how organic molecules first appeared on the planet.

Evolutionary biology deals with how life changed after its origin; it does not explain the creation of atoms or molecules, the earth itself, the Milky Way, or any of the other 800+ billion known galaxies, each with hundreds of billions of stars, and each star with at least one planet, if not 10 or more. Nor does evolution explain the assembly of near-infinite mass in an infinitesimally small space prior to the Big Bang, the Redshift, or associated Doppler Effects.

Useful, but Not Absolute

Like the periodic table is to chemistry and physics, evolution is a useful model for understanding many, but not all, aspects of how organic life develops. Evolutionary change is not necessary for some species to exist and persist. Many mosses, fungi, sharks, and crayfish, among other species, have barely changed over long stretches of time.

Many bacteria, for example, essentially reproduce asexually. How can evolutionary concepts be applied to them when they appear to lie outside the realm of what we associate with biological species? Yet, bacteria are alive, and grow – sometimes to our disdain – profusely.

Biologists contend that life evolves by natural processes and mutations but have no clue as to how the raw materials for life, starting with the first cell, came into being. If you have no sun, no planet, and no first cell, no evolution of life occurs.

A Creator Behind it All?

On scientific grounds, the notion that the universe has always existed has been debunked. Newton’s Laws of Thermodynamics reveal that the universe had to have had a beginning. The First Law of Thermodynamics holds that only a finite amount of energy exists. The Second Law of Thermodynamics reveals that the amount of available energy in the universe is continually decreasing.

If the universe has always existed, all available energy would have dissipated long before we could appear. The best, and really only, scientific explanation for the universe’s existence is that it was created by a higher intelligence. If you’re on the Left and can’t handle that, maybe it’s time that you approached science with more diligence and with an open mind.

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