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Flashback: Biden Vows to Raise Taxes After Man Says He’s Been Helped By Trump Tax Cuts

The following article, Flashback: Biden Vows to Raise Taxes After Man Says He’s Been Helped By Trump Tax Cuts, was first published on Flag And Cross.

*Orignally published February 2020* Here’s yet another fun moment from former Vice President Joe Biden, who continues to show the nation he has nothing near what it takes to become the leader of the free world.

You’d think after four decades in politics, Joe would understand that when politicians say they’re going to raise taxes things don’t usually turn out so well for them. George Bush, anyone?

Anyway, here’s Biden being Biden – for your entertainment.



Geraldo Rivera thinks Biden will take South Carolina.

From Fox News:

The Fox News correspondent-at-large said the state’s large African-American vote will help Biden, who spent eight years as vice president under Barack Obama.

“South Carolina, [and] black people specifically in South Carolina, will carry the former Vice President across the finish line with the momentum and it will affect Super Tuesday,” said Rivera.

What is it with Democrats and wanting to raise taxes?

Do they really hate job creators and people who do well so much that they’re willing take away all incentives to earn more cash?

It sure seems that way.

Enter Biden, who says he would repeal the Trump tax cuts.

From Daily Wire:

Biden actually said this would be the “first thing” he’d do, to great applause from an audience that would see their taxes go up if the former vice president really were to repeal the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).


Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), a right-leaning advocacy group run by Grover Norquist, wrote that repealing the TCJA would “impose a large tax increase on the American people.”



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tom s

Well, but course biden & the dems will raise taxes on all America (would be surprised if the dem politicians didn’t exempt themselves?) as they need the money to even try to fulfil all the free stuff they promised for liberal votes. Would expect that money for the military, border security, and other ‘keep America safe budgets will soon be diverted also.

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