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SolarWinds Hack Victims Include Tech Companies, Hospital, And A University

The following article, SolarWinds Hack Victims Include Tech Companies, Hospital, And A University, was first published on Flag And Cross.

It seems the Russian hackers who are alleged to be behind the massive cyber attack and breaches within U.S. government agencies also targeted some big shot technology and accounting companies, at least one hospital, along with a university.

The Wall Street Journal identified infected computers at two dozen organizations that had installed tainted network monitoring software called SolarWinds Orion. This program allowed hackers to put in a backdoor that granted them access to scores of sensitive data, both corporate and private in nature.

via Fox News:

Among them: technology giant Cisco Systems Inc., chip makers Intel Corp. and Nvidia Corp., accounting firm Deloitte LLP, cloud-computing software maker VMware Inc. and Belkin International Inc., which sells home and office Wi-Fi routers and networking gear under the LinkSys and Belkin brands. The attackers also had access to the California Department of State Hospitals and Kent State University.

The victims offer a small window into the sweeping scope of the hack, which could have ensnared as many as 18,000 of Austin-based SolarWinds Corp.’s customers, the company said, after hackers laced a routine software update with malicious code.

SolarWinds said that it traced activity from the hackers back to at least October 2019 and that it is now working with security companies, law enforcement and intelligence agencies to investigate the attack.

This once again proves that cyber security needs to be an absolute priority in our country’s defense. Russian hackers should not be able to so easily gain access to all of this information.

Who knows what they plan to do with the intelligence they managed to score from this hack? One thing is for sure, they aren’t going to be using it for anything good.

The future of warfare is digital. It should be obvious by now. What makes this so scary is that when an attack comes in the form of hacking and cyber assaults, it has the potential to impact every single citizen of the United States.

It isn’t a battle between soldiers of rival countries. It’s all of us.

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