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NFL Quarterback’s Wife Issues Apology After Saying Michigan Is A ‘Dictatorship’ Under Whitmer

The following article, NFL Quarterback’s Wife Issues Apology After Saying Michigan Is A ‘Dictatorship’ Under Whitmer, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly Stafford, had some very harsh — and very true — words for Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer concerning her new lockdown order, and then made a call for businesses that are already struggling from the last lockdown to reopen.

Stafford posted up a video on her Instagram account Thursday in which she shredded the new lockdown order from Whitmer’s administration.

“I’m over living in the dictatorship that we call Michigan,” Stafford seethed. “I understand there’s a pandemic and I understand it’s very scary. I’m scared of it too. If you’re at risk, do not leave your house until there’s a vaccine. But shutting down all these small businesses, things that people have worked their life for, shutting them down again is not the answer. Because they will not make it.”

“So once we are able to leave our house, once this dictatorship decides to let us have some freedom, there will be nothing left,” she went on to say. “I’m just over it. I see all these people and it brings me to tears.”

“Believe me, I know there are people out there stating ‘that’s really ignorant of you, how could you say that.’ Listen, I know not everybody is going to agree with me. Not everybody is going to agree with my every move I make. That’s life, okay?” the quarterback’s wife said. “This is my opinion. I feel for these small businesses. It’s not that I don’t feel for the people that have COVID or the hospitals. I do. But this is my opinion: I do not like living in a place where they tell me what I can and cannot do.”

via Daily Wire:

Stafford later apologized for her comments after receiving blowback on social media. She said she should not have used the word “dictatorship” and said she does not “know the answer” to dealing with the coronavirus. She posted the follow-up message Thursday evening on her Instagram.

In her post, Stafford wrote:

Should never have used the word “dictatorship.” I got caught up in the heat of the moment, that is my fault. I don’t know the answer and I won’t pretend to. I care about the people who are losing their lives or battling this.. and also the medical staff who care for them. And it is hard knowing these local business owners and watching them struggle and having to lay off their employees, not knowing how they are gonna make it. So I’m sorry. I let my emotions get the best of me. I love Michigan and the people here.. Don’t get that twisted in this[.] This place was my rock during my tough times. And I wish there was an answer that pleased everyone but we know that is definitely not the case.

In reality, Stafford should have never apologized, regardless of how much heat she may have received for her statements. We should never, ever give into the mob and apologize for speaking the truth.

Whether people want to believe it or not, Whitmer is acting more like a dictator than a governor. So yes, these restrictive measures, which go well beyond what other lockdown states are doing, are indeed tyrannical.

Why else would Republicans in the state House of Representatives be introducing measures to impeach Whitmer if they didn’t think she was overstepping her boundaries?

The madness needs to stop.

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William N Hampton
William N Hampton

Why apologize for telling the truth. Never give in to political correctness.


Whitmer has gotta go ASAP

tom s

Don’t apologize Mrs Stafford. You hit the nail on the head, Michigan does have a dictator controlling the state and her ‘orders’ are only going to continue to harm the citizens.

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