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Report: Trump Likely to See Boost In Georgia After 2,600 Uncounted Ballots Discovered

The following article, Report: Trump Likely to See Boost In Georgia After 2,600 Uncounted Ballots Discovered, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Uncounted ballots. How is something like that even possible, in this day and age? The bigger question, though, is how can the greatest country in existence not do elections right?

Georgia was close. Both President Trump and that guy who can’t string along a coherent sentence performed very well.

Now, it appears the recount will likely be in Trump’s favor.

From The Daily Wire:

A recount of ballots in Georgia’s presidential race revealed more than 2,600 ballots in Floyd County that were never entered into the final tally.

Floyd County Republican Party Chairman Luke Martin says the ballots, once counted, will likely give President Trump a roughly 800-vote bite into Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s roughly 14,000-vote lead, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Trump is currently leading Biden in Floyd County by a nearly 43% margin of difference.


If no video populates, click this link to watch.

From RedState:

Just a couple of days ago, it looked like the nominally Republican Secretary of State for Georgia (for the Media Matters goobers, I’m referring to the US state, not the country defeated 0-1 by North Macedonia yesterday in that sport where grown men run around a field in short pants and drop on the ground and scream whenever anyone looks at them hard) Brad Raffensperger was finally coming out of a semi-comatose state and comprehending the disaster he was presiding over when he ordered a hand recount of ballots, see Good News, Georgia Sec of State Announces Hand Recount of the Vote.

A recount, per se, would catch some shenanigans but the real purpose of the recount was to get a handle on which ballots cast were actually legal. In other words, did signatures match on absentee ballots, could one verify the chain of custody of the ballots, etc. Now it seems that all the Georgia GOP really got was a cursory recount under an extreme time crunch.


Nothing is official until the electors get together on December 14.

Here’s the latest from POTUS on Pennsylvania and Georgia…

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