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New Moderna Vaccine Is Reportedly 94.5% Effective At Preventing COVID-19 Infection


The following article, New Moderna Vaccine Is Reportedly 94.5% Effective At Preventing COVID-19 Infection, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Moderna Inc. released a statement on Monday saying that it’s experimental coronavirus vaccine is 94.5 percent effective at preventing COVID-19 infections. This information is based on a set of interim data from late-stage clinical trials, making Moderna the second company in a week to report virus results that surpassed early projected expectations.

Along with the vaccine candidate from Pfizer Inc., which has a 90 percent rate of effectiveness, and pending more safety and regulatory reviews, we could see two vaccines authorized for immediate use in the month of December with something like 60 million doses ready by the end of the year.

via Newsmax:

Next year, the U.S. government could have access to more than 1 billion doses just from the two vaccine makers, more than needed for the country’s 330 million residents.

The vaccines, both built using new technology known as messenger RNA or mRNA, represent powerful new tools to fight a pandemic that has infected 54 million people worldwide and killed 1.3 million. The news also comes at time when COVID-19 cases are soaring, hitting new records in the United States and pushing some European countries back into lockdowns.

“We are going to have a vaccine that can stop COVID-19,” Moderna President Stephen Hoge said in a telephone interview.

One of the things that makes Moderna’s vaccine stand out is that it does not require cold storage, unlike the candidate from Pfizer. This makes the vaccine easier to distribute.
Another important factor to consider that the information gleaned from Moderna’s 30,000 participant trial shows that the vaccine also helped to prevent folks from getting severe cases of COVID-19. We have yet to hear if this is also true of the vaccine produced by Pfizer.
Moderna is also part of the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed program.
The big question remains as to what all is in the vaccine and whether or not people will feel that it’s safe enough to take, seeing as how it has been rushed through production.

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