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According To Brand New Poll, Voters Care More About Policies Than Character

The following article, According To Brand New Poll, Voters Care More About Policies Than Character, was first published on Flag And Cross.

A brand new poll has discovered that when it comes to choosing a candidate to throw their support behind, voters say that policies matter more than bad character.

The poll, put together by the Washington Examiner/YouGov folks, found that 46 percent of individuals surveyed said they would support a candidate of bad character as long as they agreed with the individual’s policies, compared to the 33 percent who would prefer that their candidate have good character even if they disagreed with the person’s political policies.

via Washington Examiner:

This tendency is especially pronounced among Republicans. Seventy-three percent said they would pick the candidate whose policies they agreed with even if the candidate had bad character. Thirteen percent said the opposite. Another 14% said they didn’t know.

By contrast, 48% of Democrats said they would back a candidate they disagreed with on policy grounds if the candidate had good character. Only 26% said the opposite, and another 26% said they didn’t know.

Independents were split, with a 47% plurality choosing policies, while 34% said good character was more important. Nineteen percent responded that they did not know.

The results from this likely have a whole lot to do with President Trump. The president often times has a temperament that seemingly turns off some voters, yet he manages to remain very popular with Republicans, likely due to the fact he’s enacted solid conservative policies that have done a lot of good for the country.

A lot of Democrats, like Sen. Bernie Sanders, say they’re voting for Joe Biden because they believe he is a man of upstanding moral character, despite the fact they don’t agree with his policies. Personal character was a major theme pushed at the Democratic National Convention.


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