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Whitmer Blames POTUS for Kidnap Plot Against Her, Video Shows Ringleader Hates ‘Tyrant’ Trump

The following article, Whitmer Blames POTUS for Kidnap Plot Against Her, Video Shows Ringleader Hates ‘Tyrant’ Trump, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The Supreme Court of Michigan recently made clear that Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) has abused her power during the pandemic. She was also recently spurned by Joe Biden for VP.

On Thursday, news broke that a bunch of people were plotting to kidnap the governor.

Naturally, President Hitler Orangeman is to blame.

From Fox News:

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer accused President Trump on Thursday of providing a “rallying cry” to hate groups after the FBI uncovered a plot by individuals connected to an anti-government militia to abduct her ahead of the presidential election.

In her first public comments on the plot, Whitmer thanked the FBI, Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel and state police for “bringing these sick and depraved men to justice.” She argued that Trump has provided tacit support to radical groups by refusing to condemn white supremacy, referencing the president’s comment during last week’s debate that the Proud Boys, a far-right group unaffiliated with the kidnapping plot, should ‘stand back and stand by.’”


A total of 13 men face federal and state charges in connection to the plot to allegedly target Whitmer, local police and the state Capitol. The FBI said the six men charged in federal court had spent months planning and rehearsing a kidnapping in response to Whitmer’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The thing is, the ringleader hates “tyrant” Trump.


Trump responded to Whitmer…

Whitmer recently decided to build an eight-foot wall around the governor’s mansion. You know, to keep bad people out.

From Washington Examiner:

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s current home is getting an 8-foot-tall wall built around it and other security updates, leaving taxpayers with a $1.1 million bill.

So, Gretchen should now be able to concede that a wall on America’s southern border with Mexico would be beneficial to Americans, right?

Here’s a Whitmer/wall tweet from 2017…


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Democrat moto– never let a good crisis go to waste..When in doubt blame Trump.

tom s

Michiganders & Americans have finally realized that gov witless is a tyrant dem and unfit for the office that the Detroit metro area voters placed her. And President Trump must be a really busy President if he is responsible for all of the mis-deeds the dems accuse him. All while he is working so hard to bring America from the brink of communism the dems are pushing.

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