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Democrats Set To Investigate President’s ‘Joyride’ At Walter Reed During COVID Stay

The following article, Democrats Set To Investigate President’s ‘Joyride’ At Walter Reed During COVID Stay, was first published on Flag And Cross.

House Democrats are once again attempting to nail the president to the wall, because, well, they’ve abandoned all their other duties and have made their sole mission and purpose in life to be the destruction of Donald Trump and his America first agenda.

Their latest scheme is to launch an investigation into the treatment of the president’s Secret Service detail during his fight against the coronavirus, in which he took a ride in his motorcade to greet fans who gathered outside the hospital.

Here’s more from The Washington Examiner:

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat, accused Trump of disregarding the safety of his protective detail when he left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a short drive in his limousine to greet supporters who were outside the facility.

Thompson called Trump’s Sunday night trip a “joyride” that risked the health and safety of the agents who had to accompany him on the trip.

“So we can know more about how these events have affected the Secret Service and national security, I have requested a briefing from the agency on the current safeguards in place for their employees — including on the President’s protective detail — and how Secret Service agents can be kept safe from coronavirus-related threats, including apparently the President himself,” Thompson said in a statement.

The president later tweeted out that the excursion was deemed to be medically safe. An attending physician joined the president on his drive and was adorned in protective equipment, including a mask.

Trump himself sported a mask.

It’s just another excuse for the left to find something to attack the president over. In the end, it’s a waste of time and resources. But then again, Democrats are really good at that sort of thing, aren’t they?

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I am sure that the president would have gone to the bathroom to relive himself, I wonder if the democrats are going to waste taxpayer money investigating What he deposited in the toilet?

tom s

Keep it up dems, your escapades are not harming the re-elect Trump campaign but harm to yourselves may be coming?


The President must be guarded at all times in sickness and health. They are willing to take a bullet for him and if he takes a ride they will protect him at all cost. You #PettyFool.


Another investigation by the hateful Democrats? What is wrong with these people? They have a sickness that they can’t be cured of.

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