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Trump Allies, White House Strike Back Against ‘Peaceful Transfer’ Controversy

The following article, Trump Allies, White House Strike Back Against ‘Peaceful Transfer’ Controversy, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The radical left has had a field day this week with comments President Trump made concerning a question he was asked about accepting the results of the election should he lose and whether or not there would be a “peaceful transfer of power.”

Initially, the president stated that he wanted to “get rid of the ballots,” prompting many on the left to freak out and take his comments out of context and spread the lie that he wanted to more or less become a dictator or something of that nature.

In truth, what Trump was referring to was mail-in ballots. The president was making it clear that if the vast majority of voting was done through the mail he would contest the results, whereas if it was in-person voting, he’d accept the results outright.

Supporters of the president and the White House are now pushing back against this lame controversy.

via Washington Examiner:

McEnany opened the briefing by listing examples of what she described as Democrats violating American political norms. “They’ve proposed court-packing — an egregious idea,” she said. “They’ve entertained impeachment as punishment for the president exercising his lawful Article Two, Section Two authority to appoint — nominate, rather — a justice to the Supreme Court. They’ve advocated for the abolition of the Electoral College.”

“These are all the tactics that they’re using to sow chaos and discord,” McEnany continued. “Likewise, they’re endorsing a mass mail-out ballot system that will likely lead to the kind of weeklong delay New York witnessed in its recent primary.”

“He could have answered the question better, sure,” conceded a Republican operative close to the Trump reelection campaign. “But the idea that he said anything close to holding on to power after a loss is ridiculous.”

“Trump is never going to concede the election before the votes are counted,” said the operative. “He isn’t going to unilaterally disarm, while Democrats are lawyering up in every close state.”

Most of the president’s allies went on to say that his comments refer to the fact he’s keeping his options open for contesting the results in a close election in multiple states, which is very possible given the polling data that’s rolling in from certain places around the country.

On the flip side, the Democrats have no right to criticize the president for taking legal action in the case of a close election, considering Hillary Clinton urged Joe Biden to take the same course of action in a similar situation.

This is yet another attempt by the left, who seem incapable of intellectual honesty, to lie about the president’s intentions in order to paint a picture of him being some sort of Hitler-like dictator in order to increase fear and hysteria so folks will vote against him in November.

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