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High School Assistant Principal Livestreams From Protest, Police ‘Can F*** Right Off, America!’

The following article, High School Assistant Principal Livestreams From Protest, Police ‘Can F*** Right Off, America!’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

People so stupid, people so dumb, people so boo-hoo, wah-wah-wah. Get better issues, we’re gonna run out of tissues, it’s so dumb! If you haven’t seen Tom MacDonald’s latest music video, I highly recommend it.

Imagine if this educator was conservative, attending a march for President Trump.

Instantly fired, right?

From Daily Wire:

An assistant principal at a high school in a suburb of Rochester, New York, live-streamed himself attending a Black Lives Matter protest. In the nearly 50-second stream, the educator tells the public what a “s***ty a** job” the Rochester Police Department (RPD) was allegedly doing, adding, “f*** the police,” and noting that the RPD “can f*** right off, America!”

As confirmed on the school’s website, Mr. Steve Lysenko is the 9th grade and Academy Assistant Principal at Spencerport High School. The left-wing activist also identified himself as the “president of the local chapter of the national association for multicultural education” via livestream.

Here’s the guy…



So the Spencerport 9th grade Assistant School Principal attends the protests last night and is recorded saying this??? What a great example to children!!! Share this post!!! – DISCLAIMER THIS VIDEO CONTAINS LANGUAGE

Posted by Jonathan Adam on Saturday, September 5, 2020

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Greg Miller
Greg Miller

No, he’s right; they ARE doing a bad job. The MINUTE the arson, looting, and assaults started the cops should have SHOT these crybabay marxist anarchists! Remember when your parent(s) would say, “I’ll give you something to cry about!”

P.S. THIS PoS is why I homeschooled my kids; GFY, dude…!


No wonder schools want parents to promise not to listen in to on line classes, when my kids were little (20-30 years ago) they’d ask from time to time “what will you give me if I’m good” and my answer was always the same “I expect you to be good for nothing”, not everyone gets that,

Lori Smith
Lori Smith

He should lose his job as he is NOT a good role model for the children who are under his care.

tom s

One of the many sub-standard ‘educators’ that are brain-washing American youths and no wonder we see so many foolish acting people out there rioting, looting. burning, killing, etc as they call their actions “peaceful protesting’. Protesting what, that they are morons….


There should be no hesitation about him being fired, which means now. The school administration that keeps that hypocritical scum bag is sending the message that they don’t really care about the students.

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