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CNN Guest Says With A Straight Face: ‘There’s Very Little Rioting’ — Watch

The following article, CNN Guest Says With A Straight Face: ‘There’s Very Little Rioting’ — Watch, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Did you catch the chyron in the picture up above? It reads: “TRUMP ACCEPTS HIS PARTY’S NOMINATION WHILE PRESIDING OVER TRUE AMERICAN CARNAGE.”

Dang, CNN.

So, how exactly did Joe Biden “accept his party’s nomination?” Hmmm??

Check out CNN’s Kirsten Powers’ take on BLM and Antifa rioting. It’s pathetic, to say the very least.

From Fox News:

A Tennessee state representative called out politicians’ response to violence and property destruction taking hold in U.S. cities, saying rioters are “emboldened because we act like a bunch of punks — too frightened to stand up and protect our own stuff.”

State Rep. John J. DeBerry, Jr., a longtime Memphis Democrat, made the passionate speech on the floor of the Tennessee State Legislature earlier this month where he urged lawmakers to have “guts” and denounce the violent unrest. His words are still resonating on social media, as more violence and arson broke out in Kenosha, Wis., this week following the shooting of Jacob Blake on Sunday.


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Greg Miller
Greg Miller

If 30+ deaths in 90 days constitute “very little rioting,” why don’t <10 deaths THIS WHOLE YEAR constitute "very little police brutality?"

tom s

Those dems/liberals seem to be confused (?) about the definition of “peaceful” and also of “riot” when they continue their attempt to gain traction with voters with their lies. Time to take our country back from the dem/socialists political party and KAG by voting out all dems in November.

RockyMtn 1776
RockyMtn 1776

I nominate this idiot for the Baghdad Bob award.

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