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Public Schools to Revamp History Courses Because Over 80% of Teachers Support BLM

The following article, Public Schools to Revamp History Courses Because Over 80% of Teachers Support BLM, was first published on Flag And Cross.

History will soon be a thing of the past in public schools. America’s past will be whitewashed by far-left teachers who are more concerned about given their own opinions instead of reciting the facts.

You have to have a brain the size of a snail’s to support Black Lives Matter.

From Daily Mail:

Schools around the United States are modifying their curriculum in response to the Black Lives Matter movement as students return following a summer of protest.


A June survey by the EdWeek Research Center, which is affiliated with the prominent trade publication Education Week, found that 81 percent of US teachers support Black Lives Matter.


In the Jefferson County schools, for instance, teachers discussing the Space Race of the 1960s plan now to focus on the black women mathematicians whose computations underpin modern rocket science.

In Houston, teachers at YES Prep public charter schools will dissect James Baldwin’s iconic book of essays ‘The Fire Next Time’ less as a history of racial struggle and more as a guide for black students to overcome injustice.

Forget about whitewashing history. The left now literally wants to erase history. That’s how radical they have become. Radical isn’t the right word; Idiotic is more like it.

How do people like the Democrat lawmaker from Chicago in the clip below get elected?

What goes through a person’s mind when they are at the polls to make them vote for somebody who hates their country so much?


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tom s

80% of teachers must therefore be a part of the communistic takeover of America’s schools & colleges as their only ‘teaching’ seems to now be brain-washing the students towards the socialism objective of the leftist democrats. Remember that one of the items to do on the communist rulebook for taking over a country to communism is to control the education system.

Charles R
Charles R

Disgusting. Skip the important for minor background is not the way history should be taught.

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