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RNC’s Digital Viewership Destroys DNC; Ends Up Being Six Times Higher On C-Span Livestream

The following article, RNC’s Digital Viewership Destroys DNC; Ends Up Being Six Times Higher On C-Span Livestream, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The Democratic National Convention did not really do all that well ratings wise, performing pretty horrifically when it came to online streaming. It actually dropped 25 percent of its viewership on the first night, which led to a huge 48 percent decline by the second night of the convention.

Of course, if you followed mainstream media coverage, they’d have you believe it was the greatest thing since sliced bread and anyone who is anyone was watching it.

They weren’t.

Due to all of the stuff surrounding the coronavirus, folks predicted that the Republican National Convention would suffer the same fate. It didn’t.

via The Daily Wire:

On Monday, the first night of the convention, C-SPAN livestream viewership was six times higher than the first night of the Democrat’s convention.

According to The Hill, C-SPAN’s livestream of the RNC garnered nearly 440,000 views. The first night of the DNC, by comparison, gathered a mere 76,000 views.

As noted by the outlet, the livestream numbers are preceded by traditional broadcast ratings from Nielsen Media Research, not set to be released until later in the day on Tuesday.

According to the media company, The Hill noted, “18.7 million people tuned in to the first night of the virtual Democratic convention from Milwaukee and Wilmington, Del. last Monday night, which featured speeches from former first lady Michelle Obama and former Gov. John Kasich” and Democratic nominee Joe Biden mustered some 21.8 million viewers via broadcast.

Jeff Ballingall, the chief marketing officer for The Post Millennial, stated that the speeches delivered by former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle performed horribly last week, getting completely buried by a political ad put out by black GOP congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik.

One of two things can be taken away from this. Either folks have become sick and tired of the Democratic Party and are no longer watching or caring much about their messaging, thus they’re tuning out. Or people are jumping ship entirely and moving over to the Republican Party or independent side of things.

Either way, things are not as positive for the Democratic Party as they want you to believe.

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