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The GOP Urges President Trump To Make Convention All About Joe Biden

The following article, The GOP Urges President Trump To Make Convention All About Joe Biden, was first published on Flag And Cross.

According to Republican strategists and allies, President Trump needs to take the Republican National Convention and use it to ratchet up the tension and headlines about his Democratic Party opponent, Joe Biden, while not making the whole event all about himself.

These professionals say that time is running out to reverse poll numbers, noting the RNC event could be the president’s last chance to prevent the narrative of the election from becoming a referendum on his record in office.

Check out more from The Washington Examiner:

Republican strategist Ron Bonjean, a former Senate GOP leadership aide, said they had to present voters with a choice between two visions of the country.

“They need to be realistically upbeat about the future of the country while showcasing the president’s record and contrasting it with Biden’s failure to lead over the past 47 years he’s been in Washington,” he said.

A former White House official said the best way would be to present an upbeat tone to contrast with the Democratic convention’s air of doom.

“I think it’s important to define Biden and contrast him with the president, but because of the general depressing and dour tone of the Democrat convention, I think it’s extra important for Republicans to paint a positive message of hope next week,” the former official stated.

Republicans do have a few things they can take advantage of to get a leg up over the Democrats. For starters, they are facing off against an opponent who has a very lengthy career in Washington from which they can pull from for material. And they also have the advantage of making up for the mistakes that were made by the Democrats when it comes to how to properly host a convention event during a pandemic.

Republicans need to put on a more engaging convention than the Democrats did if they want to connect to average American voters, many of which are still on the fence about who they plan to support in November.

Failure to do this could mean a lot of lots votes when the time comes.

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