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Flashback: Survey Shows Dems Are More Easily Influenced Than Republicans [Details]

The following article, Flashback: Survey Shows Dems Are More Easily Influenced Than Republicans [Details], was first published on Flag And Cross.

TV. Films. Hollywood. Liberals are far more easily influenced by what they see on screens then Republicans. Some may even venture to call them…dare I say…more gullible?

Here’s the scoop, per Daily Wire:

On Tuesday, Morning Consult and The Hollywood Reporter (THR) released a report regarding the extent to which television and film influence Americans.

The poll, which was conducted from June 13-17, and broken down into every subcategory imaginable, asked 2,200 adults if, and to what degree, TV shows and films about racism, sexism, LGBTQ people, climate change, and other issues changed their perception.


There were some fascinating trends, but perhaps the most interesting was that, across every major category, Democrats were more likely to have their perception influenced by Hollywood than Republicans.

Ah, the Golden State.

A liberal haven that continues its descent into a socialist utopia, rife with high taxes, crime, illegal aliens, and homelessness.

A new poll concerning California is great news for President Trump and terrible for liberal lawmakers.

From Fox News:

President Trump is more popular with Californians than the state’s overwhelmingly Democratic legislature, a new poll says.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is even more liberal than his predecessor, Jerry Brown.

In case you weren’t aware, Jerry Brown was pretty friggin’ liberal.

Newsom, a former mayor and lieutenant governor who despises ICE, is expected to soon push for universal health care and free community college.

Free preschool, too.

His wife will be referred to as the “first partner” of the Golden State.

You know, because “first lady” is apparently too oppressive now, too.

Check out her Twitter:

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Gerald Ladd

Dems are cheap to purchase.


Brain DEAD – I see a major CONFLICT in the very near future – – –


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Greg Miller
Greg Miller

It’s called being “weak-willed,” or “weak-minded.” Not surprising… just look at their political leaders!

tom s

Yeah, it show as so many people vote ‘what their union tells them” or ‘because dad always voted democrat’. Appears to be a lack of ability to think & decide by themselves.

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