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Philly Organizations Urging Residents to Hand Over Firearms to Combat ‘Gun Violence’ (Details)

The following article, Philly Organizations Urging Residents to Hand Over Firearms to Combat ‘Gun Violence’ (Details), was first published on Flag And Cross.

Is there a crime spike in your city? If so, would you feel safer by handing over you guns to the government? Sounds like a brilliant plan, doesn’t it? You know, considering liberals are trying to abolish police departments and all.


That’s liberal logic, for ya!

From CBS Philly:

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With gun violence in Philadelphia at epidemic levels, local organizations are joining forces to try to make a difference. Philadelphia police and other groups are holding a “Home Gun-Check Campaign” this weekend.

They’re asking people to go through their homes, locate guns they don’t want and turn them in with no questions asked.


From The Daily Wire:

On Friday, a video went viral on social media showing a man being forcibly removed from a Philadelphia bus by police officers.

The Philly Transit Riders Union Twitter account first posted a video in which a male employee of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is seen demanding that several passengers “get off” a bus because they aren’t wearing face masks.


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Good thing I don’t live in the states anymore, your liberal leaders are nuts. It’s the criminals that need to turn in their guns which their not allowed to have. I live in a country that has more guns per capita, no gang wars here. Have not worn mask here either, one death from COVID19 in the last nearly 3 months with a population of 5.5 million. Restaurant’s, churches, bowling alleys, gyms, etc… all open. That includes schools, my son’s school had no Covid19 since school opened. So happy I am here for now. Miss the great fishing though.

Greg Miller
Greg Miller

If STUPID was a rocket, idiots like these in Philly would travel at Mach 10! DON’T SURRENDER YOUR FIREARMS – YOU MAY NEED THEM SOONER RATHER THAN LATER….

tom s

Yeah, can just imagine the gun-owning criminals are hurrying down to turn in their illegally possessed guns? Can’t fix stupid.

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