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Twitter Employee Who Announced Trump Campaign’s Suspension Was Kamala’s Press Sec

The following article, Twitter Employee Who Announced Trump Campaign’s Suspension Was Kamala’s Press Sec, was first published on Flag And Cross.

People should know better than to mess with Donald Trump, at this point. You’d think, anyway. And yet, for some odd reason, everyone continues to attack the man who has done so much good stuff for his country as president.

On Wednesday, Twitter took things a step too far.

Makes you wonder how this will play out.


Here’s the employee who apparently made the announcement…

And, oh yeah, the guy used to work for radically far-left presidential candidate, Kamala Harris…

Here’s his Twitter bio confirming his job with team Kamala…

Zuckerberg’s Facebook apparently got in on it, too.

From The Hill:

Facebook has taken down a post from President Trump’s official page, saying it contained “false claims” related to the novel coronavirus.

The post included a video of Trump’s interview on “Fox & Friends” early Wednesday morning in which he pushed for schools to resume in-person classes amid the pandemic, stating that young people are “almost immune” to the disease.

In a statement first reported by NBC News, a Facebook spokesperson said, “This video includes false claims that a group of people is immune from Covid-19 which is a violation of our policies around harmful Covid misinformation.”


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FB spokesperson is wrong with his interpretations when claiming Trump said that a group was immune when it reads as follows almost all immune not that they all immune, wrongly accussing President Trump to get Kamala to the VP and then President. We’d all get tired of hearing that laugh.

tom s

No end to the fraudulent and corrupt actions of the dems/liberals/socialists as they continue their fake news and whatever they can throw at the wall to see if they can cause problems. Vote the dems out of office this November and help America bring back the country we had before the democrats came out of the closet with their dirty tricks in their attempts to gain total power over us.

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