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Ivy League School to Hold Month Long Workshop for White Students, ‘Deconstructing Whiteness’

The following article, Ivy League School to Hold Month Long Workshop for White Students, ‘Deconstructing Whiteness’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Psst, white conservatives who attend Columbia – just saw you don’t identify as white. That should be enough to exempt you from this program, right? They wouldn’t dare call you out for identifying as another race, would they?

Here’s the deal, via Campus Reform:

For weeks, Columbia University Health has been hosting Zoom workshops as part of a series titled “From Ally to Accomplice at Columbia: Working Group for Examining and Deconstructing Whiteness to Mitigate Racial Trauma.”

The weekly online “interactive curriculum,” which began July 7 and concludes Monday, is designed for “white-identified students” to “engage in exploration of their white identities and build community and accountability around deconstructing whiteness and white privilege to facilitate the development of an antiracist lens.”

People who attend, attended, or work for Harvard University are supposed to be smart. Sure, there are some good ones out there – Ben Shapiro and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), for example.

But by and large, the Ivy League school is nothing more than a breeding ground for liberal nonsense.

Here’s an example, from Washington Times via Right Scoop:

Harvard researchers publicly walked back Monday a key finding in a highly touted but hotly contested paper linking air pollution exposure to deaths from the novel coronavirus, slashing the estimated mortality rate in half.

The preliminary study by researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health made a splash when the results were announced April 7 in the New York Times, prompting alarm on the left as Democrats sought to connect COVID-19 deaths to the Trump administration’s regulatory pushback.


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Lori Smith
Lori Smith

IF I attended that school I would drop out pronto! What nonsense and how very, very racist against whites.

tom s

Well darn, I identify as ‘white’ and those that don’t like that must be envious??

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