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Ocasio-Cortez Is the ‘Future of the Catholic Church,’ According to Liberal National Catholic Reporter

The following article, Ocasio-Cortez Is the ‘Future of the Catholic Church,’ According to Liberal National Catholic Reporter, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Undoubtedly, without question, the most idiotic statement a person could literally ever make: AOC is the “future of the Catholic Church.” This is the equivalent to saying Barack Obama is the future of the Republican Party.

It makes zero sense. Period.

Nothing about the woman screams Catholic, let alone Christian – or even religious!

But libs are gonna lib, no matter the time of day.

From The Daily Wire:

According to the far-left National Catholic Reporter, a committed socialist who supports abortion, same-sex marriage, transgender ideology, and radical environmentalism is “the future of the Catholic Church.”

In an op-ed published on Monday, Heidi Schlumpf said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) passion for human dignity and social justice comes from her “Catholic values,” which is at odds with the fact that the Catholic Church specifically condemns socialism, abortion, same-sex marriage, and transgender ideology. Schlumpf based her declaration on AOC’s recent speech on the House floor last week condemning Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) for allegedly calling her “dangerous” and a “f***ing b**ch.” Yoho has emphatically denied that the conversation happened in the way AOC has alleged.


“Ocasio-Cortez repeatedly railed against the ‘dehumanizing’ of others and instead called for treating people with dignity and respect,” argued Schlumpf. “These are themes often repeated by Pope Francis, who has specifically cautioned about gossip and urged the use of respectful language, saying ‘it is possible to kill someone with the tongue.’”

“Perhaps such Catholic references are not surprising, since the rock-star millennial leader of the left grew up Catholic and even wrote about how her faith influences her views on public policies such as mass incarceration, for a Catholic magazine,” added Schlumpf.

Conservatives know more about politics and American history because they actually pay attention. Liberals know less because they do the exact opposite, then cross their fingers and hope they’re correct.

The View‘s Joy Behar is one of President Trump’s loudest celebrity critics, but if you sat her down and told her to list the reasons why she hates POTUS she probably wouldn’t have a solid answer for you. Either that, or she’d unintentionally list things she deems unacceptable that actually occurred on Obama’s watch.

On Thursday, Behar named Ocasio-Cortez as a potential running mate for 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden. There’s just one major problem. And Joy had no idea.




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tom s

If that bimbo is the future, there likely will not be a future.

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