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White Protester to Black Immigrant Doctor: ‘I’m More Black Than You On the Inside’

The following article, White Protester to Black Immigrant Doctor: ‘I’m More Black Than You On the Inside’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Some people, man. Some people. The Democrat motto really should be, Ignorance Is Bliss. It would fit their entire party to a tee. It’s perfect.

The man in this video is as bananas as they come.

The thing is, the man in this video is every liberal in America today.

From Right Scoop:

This is the Black Lives Matter movement in all its glory.

The left is so beyond racism, so enlightened that white leftists are now lecturing black Americans that they are not black enough. That they are traitors to their own kind. That they are like blacks who enabled slavery! They are so beyond racism they can’t even see their own racism!


What happened in Portland the other day is a complete disgrace. And it won’t receive an iota of coverage from the mainstream media.


The alleged COVID-19 spike in many states around the nation, including Arizona, California, Florida, and New York, is likely due to Black Lives Matter protests.

Thousands upon thousands of politically ignorant lefties decided to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and blame every single police officer living today for the death of George Floyd.

And now, Americans are paying the price — again.

According to people like Bill de Blasio, the protests were called for. Religious gatherings, however, not so much.


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Greg Miller
Greg Miller

“More black on the inside?” Nope – just another stupid-as-f#ck DemonKKKrat racist a$$h#le…!


Another clueless ignorant scum. Get a job, move out of the basement!

tom s

Aw, makes the moron feel better and believes he is ahead of others?

Laqueesha Reid
Laqueesha Reid

The Gullible White Guilt Ridden DNC Loon was then asked to prove it…..! The Black Dr’s friends shoved the loonz head up the DR’s ass……!

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