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Flashback: Joe Says Illegals ‘Become American’ Before Many ‘Americans Become American’

The following article, Flashback: Joe Says Illegals ‘Become American’ Before Many ‘Americans Become American’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Only in this age could so many Democrats continually rip into America and Americans and still have a decent shot at becoming president. How messed up is that?

Enter already twice-failed presidential candidate Joe Biden, who casually bashed legal Americans in favor of illegal aliens. No big deal!

From Daily Wire:

Former Vice President Joe Biden argued on Thursday that Congress needs to grant legal status to millions of people who illegally entered the nation as minors because they are “more American” than many children who are United States citizens.

Biden noted, “We have to find a pathway for DREAMers. You know DREAMers? I love people that say ‘Let’s send them back.’ Can you imagine you’re four years old, your mom says you’re crossing the Rio Grande, and you say ‘no mom, I don’t want to go, we’re going to stay here?’ Come on. Come on.

Here’s the kicker from Joe “And these kids who come, and they end up doing well, they become Americans before a lot of Americans become Americans. No, I’m serious, they get in school, they do well, they contribute to the community, they contribute to the country.

Biden thinks all poor kids are minorities.

BUT…they’re still as bright as white kids!

My goodness, Joe.

If this guy was a Republican he’d be forced to go into hiding for the rest of his life – and you know it’s true.


Joe Biden slip-up in Iowa tonight.

“Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

Yikes…have fun mitigating that one.


I will stop short of calling the man a racist cause I don’t know his heart. But he is clearly prejudiced when it comes to the way he views black people. Not all black people are living in poverty Joe.

His mouth BETRAYS his heart! He believes EVERY word of his “mistake” because he’s said it MANY MANY times before!


“prejudiced when it comes to the way he views black people” joey its important to me that you know that that’s literally the textbook definition of racism. i need you to know this

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tom s

One of these days, likely after the election, someone will putt together a hours long video of old china joe’s endless gaffs and stupid remarks. Will be shown on the comedy channel…..

Gerald Ladd

Conservative talk radio already has.

Gerald Ladd

This asshole will die from foot in mouth disease.

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