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VIDEO: White New Yorkers Want Police Gone, Black New Yorkers Don’t Feel the Same Way

The following article, VIDEO: White New Yorkers Want Police Gone, Black New Yorkers Don’t Feel the Same Way, was first published on Flag And Cross.

This is what happens when white-guilt takes over your life – it makes future Joe Biden voters think they know what is best for black Americans.

Protests around the nation are largely dominated by white liberals. They believe they are helping the black community combat racism by agreeing with the radical wing that law enforcement should be defunded.

It literally makes zero sense.

From The Daily Wire:

On Thursday, Ami Horowitz released a new video to YouTube in which he asks white and black New Yorkers if they “support abolishing the police.” Their answers are…quite different.


When asked about the relationship between the NYPD and members of the community, a man wearing a blue Nike hat claims that “it’s pretty good,” noting that “all police officers are not bad,” and that there are ones who “really care about the people and really want to help the people.”


New York City isn’t exactly known for being the safest city in the world. You often hear stories of muggings and crime and this and that, which is why law enforcement is necessary.

It at least tells the bad guys there will be consequences to their actions.

However, like a good Democrat, the wife of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio doesn’t see it that way. She apparently feels that all crime will disappear if cops aren’t around anymore.

From Hannity:

Chirlane McCray -the wife of Mayor Bill de Blasio and First Lady of New York City- weighed-in Wednesday on the nationwide movement to defund police departments; describing a cop-free NYC as a “nirvana” and “utopia.”


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tom s

Only makes sense that honest Americans would not be for eliminating police in our cities & communities. Meanwhile the criminals and those supporting these criminals might think that not having police a “good idea”? If eliminating police they can also do away with courts, judges, laws, jails, and all law-making politicians as there would be no need for them?

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