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Actress: There Wouldn’t Be COVID-19 Chaos If ‘President’ Hillary Was In Charge [Flashback]

The following article, Actress: There Wouldn’t Be COVID-19 Chaos If ‘President’ Hillary Was In Charge [Flashback], was first published on Flag And Cross.

The reason liberals are less informed than conservatives is because they don’t pay attention to the news. At least, not news that matters. They’re more interested in regurgitating the words of Hollywood elites than forming their own opinions.

What actress Sandra Bernhard just said about Hillary Clinton will make every Republican chuckle pretty hard.

Check this out, via Breitbart:

Actress-comedienne Sandra Bernhard declared on Friday that the country would not be experiencing “this chaos” spurred by the Chinese coronavirus if the “rightful president” Hillary Clinton were in office.

Hillary sent this tweet:

Bernhard followed it with this one…

Continuing to remain in the public eye, Clinton appeared on Bravo to do what she does best: slam President Trump and anyone close to him.

On Friday, she was asked about First Lady Melania Trump.

From Breitbart:

When asked in a recent interview on Bravo about Melania Trump’s anti-bullying initiative, two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton didn’t commend the First Lady but instead took a shot at her and President Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton was on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen to promote the new Hulu documentary about her life and career when host Andy Cohen asked what she thought of the “Be Best” campaign.



On James Corden’s late night program, the former First Lady ripped into the president’s personal attorney like she got paid to do it.


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Gerald Ladd

LMAO….If killary were president, we’d look a lot live Cuba today. I remember her comments while running for dictator, I will add more job, and business killing regulations, and raise taxes.


Sandra Bernhard is nothing more than a real distant memory from Hollywood, She was brain dead then and still isl!!!!! Oh ya, Killary would make a great president and would be hiding in her bunker watching millions of Americans die!!! That is the only thing she is good at! Just ask the soldiers in Benghazi!!!!!! Bernhard, you are nothing short of a waste of breath! Do us all a favor and go an take a dirt nap!

Gary Lee
Gary Lee

Hillary has always been oh-so-good at telling everybody what she would have done – after the fact..

tom s

Well, actually could believe that we wouldn’t have endured this china-virus panic if old corrupt hillary had been elected. The reason being is that if it was a hillary re-election going on right now there would be no reason for the dems to be destroying the economy, etc and the conservatives of America would not be doing so. Now that’s assuming that America even had a economy under dem/hillary rule.

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