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Exposed: Antifa Group Says It Acquired Money From George Soros, Met With 2020 Dem Candidate

The following article, Exposed: Antifa Group Says It Acquired Money From George Soros, Met With 2020 Dem Candidate, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Project Veritas is at it again, doing the work the mainstream media simply refuses to do. After all, if the MSM reported the news accurately, no person would ever vote Democrat again.

Check this out about Soros and Tom Steyer

As part of its series of undercover videos exposing left-wing organizations like Antifa, Project Veritas released footage claiming to show far-left Democrat activists bragging about George Soros funding and political connections.

Tom Steyer – who unsuccessfully campaigned for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination for 2020 – and liberal financier George Soros are both named as financial contributors in the new clip on Refuse Fascism, an organization dedicated to removing President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence from office.


Conservative actor James Woods only made his way back to social media a couple of months back after taking an extended break.

He sent a message directly to Twitter letting them know exactly how he felt about an investigation into one of his tweets.

Woods didn’t mince words. He got straight to the point.

From Daily Wire:

On February 29, protean actor James Woods issued a tweet referencing uber-lefist billionaire George Soros, who lives in Europe, with lines connecting Soros and his leftism as it supposedly pervades numerous public figures from former President Barack Obama to Pope Francis. Woods stated, “Imagine if one man was a puppetmaster for unthinking numbskulls who spout his narratives because their ability to reason is so woefully challenged.”


Someone apparently filed a complaint against Woods, as Twitter sent Woods a message reading, “We have received a complaint regarding your account, @RealJamesWoods, for the following content.” After naming the tweet, Twitter continued, “We have investigated the reported content and could not identify any violations of the Twitter Rules or German law. Accordingly, we have taken no action at this time.”

Woods’ reaction:

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Greg Miller
Greg Miller

(1.) Charge ALL financial supporters of rioters with Incitement to Riot; (2.) seize any/all US assets they have, sell them, and then allocate them to the people/businesses injured as a result of the rioting/looting. CHOICES HAVE CONSEQUENCES…!

john durham
john durham


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