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Liberals Run the Cities With the Worst Police Brutality, Says BLM Activist Shaun King

The following article, Liberals Run the Cities With the Worst Police Brutality, Says BLM Activist Shaun King, was first published on Flag And Cross.

He’s a big Bernie Sanders guy and a race-baiter to the core. That being said, white “Black Lives Matter” activist Shaun King is calling out his fellow liberals in a big way.

Check this out, via Daily Wire:

As debates about police brutality and systemic racism rock the country in the wake of George Floyd’s horrific death at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis, Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King let himself utter an uncomfortable truth that other activists have been ignoring: Democrats control all the major cities where black people are experiencing the most police brutality and systemic racism.

In a tweet on Friday, the activist scolded those who tell black Americans to affect change through voting, asserting that such blind thinking may not exactly be the panacea people are talking about.


Back in January 2019, a seven-year-old girl named Jazmine Barnes was killed in a shooting in Houston.

Jazmine was black.

Immediately, far-left race-baiters (including King) blamed “racist terrorist” police officers (and white men, in general) for her death.

It didn’t help that a police sketch of the suspect was way off, but that’s not the point.

Check out the tweets:




Here are mugshots of the arrested suspects:

Talk about a liberal narrative fail, huh?


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tom s

Appears that these liberal controlled cities & states are where almost all of America’s problems appear. Perhaps if the liberals/socialists/communistic were out of power thing would get better, and that’s up to the American voters therein.

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