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Monkeys In India Steal Coronavirus Blood Samples, Attack Lab Assistant

The following article, Monkeys In India Steal Coronavirus Blood Samples, Attack Lab Assistant, was first published on Flag And Cross.

So far in the year 2020, there have been quite an extensive list of strange happenings and things that you probably never thought you’d ever see in headlines during the morning news cycle. You know, a pandemic, the government admitting UFOs exist, murder hornets, ect.

Well, get ready to add another odd one to your list.

Apparently, in India, a gang of monkeys — yes, monkeys — violently assault a lab assistant and stole a bunch of coronavirus blood samples. We now literally have monkeys running around with a dangerous pathogen, on the loose, in a dense populated area. Help us all.

Here’s more on this from The Washington Examiner:

Authorities said on Friday that several monkeys accosted a laboratory technician who was walking around a state-run medical college in India and took with them blood samples from coronavirus patients. Officials are uncertain if any of the samples have spilled.

“Monkeys grabbed and fled with the blood samples of four COVID-19 patients who are undergoing treatment … we had to take their blood samples again,” Dr. S.K. Garg, an official at the college, told Reuters.

The Times of India reported that one of the monkeys was later spotted chewing on one of the blood sample kits in a tree.

Monkeys have been moving further and further into the human areas of the country, causing a number of disturbances, due in large part to their habitats being destroyed.

Perhaps we’re on the cusp of having the Planet of the Apes happening right here in real time? Would that really surprise anyone at this point?

While this is a bit on the comical side, it’s also really dangerous. These animals could end up getting infected and spreading the disease for another sharp uptick of cases.

As of now, 167,400 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the country of India.

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