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Newly Released Study Says Coronavirus Patients Not Infectious 11 Days After Contracting Illness

The following article, Newly Released Study Says Coronavirus Patients Not Infectious 11 Days After Contracting Illness, was first published on Flag And Cross.

One of the most devastating aspects of the coronavirus that has made its way across the globe is how little reliable information there is available for the public. Education is a major contributing factor when it comes to successfully dealing with a pandemic and we have all been woefully absent of cold, hard data to help fuel our response to the illness.

It seems, however, that the tide is beginning to turn on that front. A newly released study has revealed that individuals who contract the COVID-19 virus are only infectious for 11 days after contracting the illness, which is very good news.

Here’s more on this study from Fox News:

Countries across the world, including the U.S., are in various phases of reopening, but concerns of a so-called “second wave” of the coronavirus pandemic have cropped up. A new study out of Singapore, however, suggests that COVID-19 patients are not infectious 11 days after getting sick.

“In a local study from a multicenter cohort of 73 COVID-19 patients, when the Ct value was 30 or higher (i.e. when viral load is low), no viable virus (based on being able to culture the virus) has been found,” the researchers wrote in the study. “In addition, virus could not be isolated or cultured after day 11 of illness.”

The researchers also stated that during a separate study conducted in Germany, “the degree of viral shedding was very high in the first week of symptoms,” which supported their findings.

“In sputum, sgRNA (also known as (viral subgenomic messenger RNAs, which are only present in actively-infected cells) declined over days 10 – 11, and in throat swabs, sgRNA was not detected after day 5,” the researchers continued. “Infectious virus was cultured from throat and lung specimens in the first week of symptoms, but none after day 8 in spite of high viral loads detected by regular PCR.”

In conclusion, the researchers who conducted the study said, “Based on the accumulated data since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the infectious period of SARS-CoV-2 in symptomatic individuals may begin around 2 days before the onset of symptoms, and persists for about 7 – 10 days after the onset of symptoms. Active viral replication drops quickly after the first week, and viable virus was not found after the second week of illness despite the persistence of PCR detection of RNA.”

So, it seems that isolating for 14 days after contracting the virus is exactly the right steps to take in order to prevent spreading it around so badly. Of course, there are a lot of folks who do not become symptomatic, and those are the ones to be concerned about as far as spreading the illness.

Here’s to hoping things continue to improve and we can get back to living our lives as we did before.

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Oh oh. More bad news for dems/socialists as they have planned to keep the country locked down until election day…..

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