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WHO Says Hydroxychloroquine Being Taken By Trump To Prevent Coronavirus Not Yet ‘Found To Be Effective’

The following article, WHO Says Hydroxychloroquine Being Taken By Trump To Prevent Coronavirus Not Yet ‘Found To Be Effective’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The World Health Organization — a group of individuals that aren’t exactly high on the list of organizations one can trust when it comes to information right now — has stated that it’s not clear at this time whether or not the anti-malaria medication, hydroxychloroquine, is effective as a preventative treatment against coronavirus.

President Trump recently announced he was taking this medication as a precaution against the virus, which is what prompted this response from the WHO.

However, keep in mind that the WHO helped China to cover up the number of cases the country had of this virus, along with their actual death rates, causing this thing to spread out of control over the entire world.

In other words, take this information with a grain of salt.

Dr. Michael Ryan, the emergencies chief for the WHO, stated there’s a lack of proof to support the idea that hydroxychloroquine can prevent COVID-19 infections.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner:

“Every sovereign nation, particularly those with effective regulatory authorities, is in a position to advise its own citizens regarding the use of any drug,” he said, according to the Associated Press. “I would point out, however, that at this stage [neither] hydroxychloroquine nor chloroquine have been as yet found to be effective in the treatment of COVID-19 or in the prophylaxis against coming down with the disease,” Ryan said.

“In fact, the opposite — in that warnings have been issued by many authorities regarding the potential side effects of the drug,” he said. “As WHO, we would advise that for COVID-19, these drugs be reserved for use within such trials.”

The WHO is overseeing trials on four possible treatments for the coronavirus: remdesivir (which was previously tested as an Ebola treatment), the HIV medications lopinavir and ritonavir, multiple sclerosis treatment interferon beta-1a, and related drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, which have been used to treat illnesses such as malaria and rheumatoid arthritis.

While these folks might have a point about the lack of information confirming this medication’s effectiveness in preventing the coronavirus from infecting someone, we do know, from the many instances of it being used as a treatment for the illness, that it can be very beneficial for folks who are already infected.

And that is something to be celebrated and held out as a beacon of hope. Yet the radical left in this country has opposed the use of this medication from the get-go, all because President Trump is the one who suggested it.

They hate this man that much. They would rather see people die so they can trash his presidency than be happy about a possible treatment option that could save lives. It’s disgusting.

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Who cares what WHO says about anything? Anecdotal evidence supports that hydroxychloroquine has been effected in most, not all cases, when taken early! The ARROGANCE and SANCTIMONIOUSNESS of the governmental medical community’s NIH (not invented here) syndrom is STAGGERING, as is their demonstrated incompetence and ineffectiveness!

Lori Smith
Lori Smith

The WHO and CDC would rather see people die than to believe there is a cure for Covid-19. Since this medicine heals once they get Covid, then why not before? It must help in some way. I would use it if I got sick.

seppo saari

WHO lies lies lies. Testet 65 years with very few side effects like temperarly blindtest so ask your Doctor if it is good for you. No known deaths fromHydrocloren but of course the WHO will claim that many have died especally the ones that are on the ventilators that are too late to give them Hydrocroren so of course they died. When they first arrive to the hospital let them decide if they are willing to try Hydrocloren, the results have been positive. Those that dought one day may comeback down with COVID19 will be asked and most likely will… Read more »


The WHO organisation’s top dog is obviously some-one who finds it hard to apply a band-aid. He’s not even a doctor.


Dump me I dump you.

Lori Smith
Lori Smith

A team of doctors came up with this to help protect him. He would not have had access to this medication without his doctor’s approval. There is also no proof that taking Hydroxychloroquine has ‘been found to be ineffective’, The consensus swings both ways.
The WHO is not the say all here in America.

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