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Bill Barr: Durham Probe Not Likely to Produce ‘Criminal Investigation’ Into Biden, Obama

The following article, Bill Barr: Durham Probe Not Likely to Produce ‘Criminal Investigation’ Into Biden, Obama, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Well, it appears as though both Barack Obama and Joe Biden are off the hook once again – for now, at least. The odds of either of them actually being punished for anything were always going to be slim to none.

Here’s the latest from the attorney general, via Fox News:

Attorney General Bill Barr said Monday he does not expect U.S. Attorney John Durham’s review into the origins of the Russia probe will lead to a “criminal investigation” of either former President Barack Obama or former Vice President Joe Biden — while noting that their concern of “potential criminality” in the conduct of that probe is “focused on others.”


This comes after both Obama and Biden — the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee — have faced heightened criticism from Republicans for any potential role in the early stages of the probe. Trump last week even called for Obama to be summoned to testify before Congress.



Trump’s response:

On Sunday, NBC admitted to deceptively editing Barr’s words.

From Daily Wire:

Attorney General William Barr’s office slammed far-left NBC News host Chuck Todd on Sunday for “deceptive editing” after Todd took remarks that Barr made out of context and used the distorted remarks to smear the Department of Justice (DOJ).


Here’s the DOJ’s response:

And now, the apology

NBC News’ “Meet The Press” admitted late on Sunday that their segment earlier in the day on remarks made by Attorney General William Barr last week was false after host Chuck Todd was called out publicly by a spokesperson for the Department of Justice.


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Veronika N
Veronika N

WM. BARR is about as worthless as they come. All this crap news about ‘criminal investigation ‘ is /was about just acting ‘as though something ‘ was going to happen to these corrupt clowns (Obuma and Biden)……Just as Hitlary is walking around ”free” (since they are above the law-the Clinton Crime family and that despot commie Obuma and Dementia suffering Idiot Biden)…..NOTHING will come of this ‘good for nothing investigation.’ They will ALL Walk FREE!

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