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AOC Minimizes Tara Reade Sexual Assault Claim, Says She Never Said ‘Don’t Vote For Joe’

The following article, AOC Minimizes Tara Reade Sexual Assault Claim, Says She Never Said ‘Don’t Vote For Joe’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

AOC is a special kind of politician. Meaning, she’s too naive to understand how good she has it in the United States, demanding America fall to the level of every other nation.

And why? Because of past sins that nobody currently alive had anything to do with (and took place in MANY other countries)?


Anyway, here’s Ocasio-Cortez minimizing Tara Reade’s sexual assault claim against Joe Biden, via The Hill:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) addressed the sexual assault allegation faced by former Vice President Joe Biden (D) during an interview with NPR on Thursday, explaining that it was not a “clear cut” situation for Democrats.

AOC said, “It’s very difficult because this is a hyper-politicized zone, right? Instead of focusing on her account, instead of focusing on her story as a survivor, people are fast-forwarding to the political implications. ‘Do you want Trump to win? Will you be voting for Joe Biden?’ And that denies justice in this situation.”

She added, “I think a lot of what we can look for is, look at the aims that the survivor is asking for. And while a lot of folks, again, are trying to jump to the political implications, she has never explicitly said, ‘don’t vote for Joe Biden.’ She hasn’t explicitly said anything in terms of a political remedy that she wants. If anything, it sounds like she simply wants to be heard.

it’s just a normal day for the freshman lawmaker from Queens who thinks America is a “brutal, barbarian” society.

From Daily Wire:

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) claimed during an interview this last week that the United States has “not earned the right” to call itself a “humane society.”


Here’s another gem from AOC:

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AOC is DC’s newest Bar-Fly…..! She can whack a dude…. suck another dude….. and take a dude up her ass while fixing their drinks…..!

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