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Senate Returns To Work For First Major Session Since March

The following article, Senate Returns To Work For First Major Session Since March, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The United States Senate has finally returned to work on Monday in the first major session to be held since March due to the coronavirus outbreak that swept across the country. However, things are not quite business as usual. Returning lawmakers will have to endure through enhanced precautions to help continue avoiding the spread of COVID-19.

There have been a couple of limited sessions since the call to recess in March, but the crew involved were minimal. As of this writing, the House still remains out on recess, with leadership having announced they won’t be back in operation for the remainder of this week, though they have promised to have a committee hearing on the COVID-19 response.

Check out the details via Fox News:

Senate leaders are expected to deliver remarks on the floor late Monday afternoon, with an evening vote on the confirmation of Robert Feitel to serve on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Senators are expected to pop in, vote and leave to maintain social distancing.

While senators themselves will be present, much of their staff is expected to continue working remotely.

The Capitol Attending Physician issued guidance Friday recommending that their offices have as few people as necessary for the time being. Offices are encouraged to modify their layouts as well to provide additional space between workers.

Staff and visitors have been informed that they are to wear face masks unless they are six feet away from others. However, even with social distancing measures, they are still recommended to wear the masks.

There are several hearings on the Senate calendar for later in the week, which includes a Senate Intelligence Committee confirmation hearing for Director of National Intelligence nominee John Ratcliffe on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the Senate will conduct hearings involving the COVID-19 response, including the impact the virus and measures taken to put a stop to its spread have had on the aviation industry.

Now, if only we could get more states to step up and begin putting plans in action to help regular people get back to work and start producing again so our economy can begin the long road to recovery, that would be fantastic.

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