Illinois Business Owners Protest For State To Open Economy Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


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The coronavirus pandemic that has rocked the world this year and ground almost all economic activity in the United States to a halt is still raging forward, but that’s not stopping many individuals concerned about the imminent collapse of the economy and the uncertainty of their own economic futures, from exercising their First Amendment right to protest and ask their state governments to reopen and allow them to get back to work.

In fact, while Gov. J.B. Pritzker of Illinois was holding his daily press conference to provide updates on the coronavirus crisis in his state, protesters were holding a demonstration in the city of Springfield to end the shutdown.

Here’s more information from The Washington Examiner:

Protests outside the Illinois State Capitol drew several dozen people from around the state. Some were business owners affected by Pritzker’s stay-home order that’s been in effect since March 21.

Those orders lead to more than 700,000 Illinoisans filing for unemployment benefits since the beginning of March.

Ashley McLemore from Dixon traveled to Springfield to protest the orders and to urge the state’s economy to reopen. She said they had to close their music teaching business.

McLemore said, “The day that we closed, we had ten instructors and 85 students and about 90 percent of those students were coming for music therapy. And, yeah, we’re done. We’re officially closed.”

You will hear similar stories to those of McLemore’s all across Illinois and the rest of the country as the lockdowns continue forward, which is why so many people are calling for an end to these kind of measures so they can salvage their businesses before it’s too late.

Anna Herschberger of Douglas County owns Yoder’s Kitchen and was also present at the protest over the weekend.

“We are doing carryout, but obviously our business is down by 85 percent,” she stated. “I have 110 employees and I can only employ six at a time, so that’s really difficult.”

Herschberger said that she does qualify for some assistance from the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program, but noted that her workers are itching to get back to work.

This is understandable. We’re all used to having to work for a living. Our jobs not only put food on the table and money in the bank, they provide us with a useful purpose. Without this feeling of purpose we tend to get bored and depressed. It’s just as much a mental health issue as it is an economic one.

As these protests pop up all over the country, governors are now putting together plans to reopen their economies and hopefully begin the long process of reintegration back to normal life.

Here’s to hoping it all goes well and we don’t have a second wave of this nightmare.

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