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Nikki Haley Says Management Of Coronavirus Not Trump’s Responsibility, But Governors

The following article, Nikki Haley Says Management Of Coronavirus Not Trump’s Responsibility, But Governors, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley recently stated that victories and failures in the battle against the coronavirus that has swept across the country in the last month falls on the shoulders of governors and is there responsibility to handle, not the president’s.

And you know what, she’s absolutely right.

Haley, who’s most recent posting included being a United States ambassador to the United Nations, penned a piece for the NY Times that was published on Wednesday that delved into the reasons why governors are the ones ultimately responsible for responding to the coronavirus crisis.

Here’s more from The Washington Examiner:

“In today’s crisis, governors from both parties have exemplified strong leadership,” she wrote. “They know their residents and their state’s needs better than anyone in the federal government. In the state-federal partnership, governors are in the best position to control what happens on the ground, better than any president could be.”

Haley explained that governors are responsible for connecting federal efforts from organizations such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency to the cities and counties that have the most need. She added that governors are supposed to be aware of their states’ supplies for emergency situations and have the relationships with local leaders to best address the situation.

“As our highest nationally elected leader, of course President Trump has enormous responsibility in this unprecedented crisis, and he is marshaling the federal response on a massive scale. But in implementing plans to save people’s lives and keep our economy afloat, look no further than the governors,” Haley penned.

Haley went on to say that the coronavirus serves as a reminder of the importance of federalism and why it’s so critical to allow individual states and their governments to handle these sort of situations noting, “Governors are the most successful when they are given the flexibility to lead. The federal government can provide the resources, but it should not take away too much flexibility. New York is not New Mexico. South Dakota is not South Carolina.”

“Our Constitution has it right: Keep control and decision making close to the people. We are seeing that play out in every state today. We face a painful challenge, but we will get through it. When we do, we will look back and see that governors rose to meet the challenge, and they did it best when Washington did not impose too much on them,” Haley continued.

Haley couldn’t be more spot on in her assessment of the importance of federalism. The Tenth Amendment of the Constitution makes it clear that the federal government has certain powers and only those powers that are listed are to be considered the domain of the central government. All other powers are reserved for the states themselves.

On top of that, it’s more expedient for these kind of crises to be handled by government that is closer to the people being directly effected by the situation at hand.

In that regard, Trump has handled this situation perfectly by avoiding a national lockdown order and letting states handle things individually.

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