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Academy Award Winner Cher to President Trump: You Are ‘A Liar & Murderer’

The following article, Academy Award Winner Cher to President Trump: You Are ‘A Liar & Murderer’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Cher just can’t help herself. She knows that President Trump and his administration are doing everything possible to keep the American people safe, but she won’t admit it because it wouldn’t be good for her brand.

That’s the problem with Hollywood. It’s all about image and politics. If you’re not 100% liberal, you’re not one of them.

Check out the Academy Award Winner’s latest for POTUS, via Breitbart:

Cher has called President Donald Trump “a cancer ravaging our nation.” She demanded last week that the president step down before he ends up killing thousands of Americans. And now, the left-wing pop icon has declared President Trump a “murderer.”


She later apologized:

With a single tweet just hours before Father’s Day 2019, the singer wished some pretty awful things on the most powerful man in the world.

The far-left mainstream media won’t even bat an eye, though. Because this is our world now.

Left-wing pop singer Cher is once again on the attack against President Donald Trump over immigration policy as she reacts to the newest reports of ICE detentions.

Cher jumped to her Twitter account to bemoan the renewed reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement is holding children of illegal aliens who tried to sneak across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Her tweet:

Cher absolutely loathes Trump. Everyone and their mother knows that.

What’s weird is that she appeared to have a moment of clarity in which she agreed with POTUS on immigration, while blasting Democrats’ open border policies.

Weirder than weird, actually.

Her words:

Is this the beginning of something?

Will far-left nutjobs in Hollywood and Congress finally catch on to what conservatives have been saying from the jump?

Maybe Trump’s suggestion of placing border crossers in “sanctuary cities” was enough to throw Cher over the top.

Cher called for laws to regulate men’s bodies. She also praised Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Which is crazier?

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Doris Adler

Cher while I don’t normally comment on Hollywood “stars” comment, I cannot ignore your ignorance. You along with many of your cohorts are brainless to make comments like this. Many of our citizens are scared, especially when they see on the streets enforcing martial law in Democratic states. If you cannot say something encouraging, please kkep quiet.

tom s

But cher played a intelligent person in a movie once, so doesn’t that qualify her to make her remarks????

Lesley Skellly



No but she did stay at a holiday inn express


And to think I once liked her! Shame on me!

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Slow down on your drinking, you may run out before this over.


And she’s still an arrogant “ho”!


CHER appears to be “LOSING-HER-HEAD” …… Oh, wait a minute, that was Sonny. Cher, this is no time for your hatred. We are trying to survive and you bring out your petty shit at this time. You have plenty of bread and can survive any downfall, but not the rest of us. YOU SELF-CENTERED POS.


Another has been. Give it up. We don’t care what you think. The best part of your singing was sunny.

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