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Ilhan Omar Takes Heat For Her Response To Ivanka Trump ‘Family Together’ Coronavirus Tweet

The following article, Ilhan Omar Takes Heat For Her Response To Ivanka Trump ‘Family Together’ Coronavirus Tweet, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Controversial congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar is taking a whole lot of well deserved flak for her reaction to the pro-family Twitter post by President Trump’s daughter Ivanka during the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the country.

Ivanka Trump’s posted was a call for families to try and make the best of the time at home together during the social distancing taking place during the coronavirus outbreak. In the post she suggested having a “living room camp out” with treats and other foods.

Trump went on to invite her 8.1 million Twitter followers to share what activities they were doing as a family to pass the time using the hashtag #TogetherApart.

Here’s more from Fox News:

“It won’t mitigate the fear and pain,” Trump wrote in another tweet, “but it may foster some joy. Let’s come together as a community and share ideas on how to entertain our children (and each other) and create some positive memories in an otherwise frightening moment.”

But Omar used the Trump post to make a political point about President Trump’s policies at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Thinking of all the families separated forcefully by your father’s policies today,” Omar wrote.

Then, mocking Trump’s tweet, Omar invited the first daughter to “Share your ideas on how you plan to unite them.”

The Minnesota Democrat drew heavy fire from folks online who went on to suggest that perhaps the congresswoman’s recent divorce and subsequent remarriage — to a man that she was allegedly having an affair with — disqualified her from criticizing another woman’s statements on the topic of family.

“Why do you need to be so hateful?” one responder asked Omar. “Ivanka shared a simple family suggestion and you had to be spiteful and mean. Not something a true leader would do. Awful. I’m praying for this country to heal in all ways. You should try it.”

“They separated themselves when they decided to break the law,” another wrote, referring to illegal immigrant families at the border. “They need to come here LEGALLY.”

“Now? During the crisis? Free immigration now?” another wrote. “Open borders? You’ve displayed your opportunistic political virtue signaling, lack of patriotism and blatant hypocrisy once again.”

And of course, there were plenty of people who also agreed with Omar, because as we are all well aware, liberals never miss an opportunity to take a crisis and use it for political purposes to push their sickening agenda.

“Cool tent Ivanka,” one wrote. “I hope you thanked whichever one of your servants set it up for you.”

“Cool privilege on display,” another wrote.

Fortunately, not everyone in this country is consumed by hatred due to the over politicization of life we’re experiencing in this day and age.

“So many don’t realize how amazing you are,” one commenter wrote. “You’re doing a good job keeping everyone calm. We appreciate your fam.”

As so many other noted, Omar is the last person who should ever criticize someone else on the subject of family, given the sordid details of the train wreck she made of her own.

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St. Toes

ILhan Omar forgot that everybody in this World wants to come here, legally and/or illegally, because, their Countries of Origin discriminate and Abandon them in the first place. She wants to make America look like it’s comparable to her Country, Somalia. Brain Check!!!

Laqueesha Reid
Laqueesha Reid

Towel Wrapped…. U.S.A. Hating…. Somalian Spider Monkey needs to be removed from congress and deported back to her 3rd world shite-hole …. Somalia…..!

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