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Joe Biden At Mississippi Baptist Church: President Trump Is A ‘Boll Weevil’ (Watch)

The following article, Joe Biden At Mississippi Baptist Church: President Trump Is A ‘Boll Weevil’ (Watch), was first published on Flag And Cross.

2020 Democrat hopeful Joe Biden gave a speech at a predominantly black Baptist Church in Mississippi on Sunday. During his rant, the former vice president labeled President Trump a “boll weevil.”

According to Orkin, a boll weevil is “best known for causing severe damage to cotton production. Since they can’t find food inside, these insects do not typically invade homes. However, they can attach to clothes or equipment and end up in the house. Their visits are usually temporary because the pests can’t survive indoors.”

In other words, Joe knows how to pander with the best of them.


The fact that the economy is thriving means next to nothing to Joe and it’s pretty sad.

To talk of eliminating hundreds of thousands of jobs because the AOC’s of the nation think they know what’s best is downright pathetic.

From Daily Wire:

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden signaled support for eliminating hundreds of thousands of blue collar jobs on Thursday night in order to transition to a “greener economy.”

It wouldn’t be a normal day if Joe wasn’t caught on camera saying something silly.

Luckily for you, it’s a normal day. As expected, Biden was caught on camera being his usual Joey-self.

From Free Beacon:

Former vice president Joe Biden on Thursday could not remember during which century the Obama administration took place, and also called a voter a “damn liar.”

Speaking in New Hampton, Iowa, at a stop on his “No Malarkey” tour, Biden worked to recall the year the Obama administration signed an executive order, ending up with the year 1976.

Biden noted, “There’s the Dreamers program, there’s also a program that said we’re not going to separate families, we’re going to allow families to stay together while they go through the process, and the Court said you can’t […] We did that in 1976. And, I mean—I’m sorry, excuse me. Backing up here—2014.


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What is he doing in church calling people names and liars.

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