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Resurfaced Video Shows 2020 Dem Bernie Sanders Praising Socialist Food Lines (Watch)

The following article, Resurfaced Video Shows 2020 Dem Bernie Sanders Praising Socialist Food Lines (Watch), was first published on Flag And Cross.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders once said, “It’s funny sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is because people are lining up for food. That’s a good thing. In other countries people don’t line up for food the rich get the food and the poor starve to death.

See that? Literally praising socialist/communist bread lines.

There’s no room for debate. Democrats have tried to hide it from the American people, but the bast majority are not ignoramuses. Bernie is absolutely, beyond any reasonable doubt, a full blown socialist.


Sanders has advocated for allowing felons to vote while incarcerated. No, this isn’t a story from the National Enquirer.

Bernie honestly feels this way.

From Daily Wire:

Iowa is considering opening up voting to convicted felons who have completed their jail terms. But at a stop in Muscatine, Iowa on Saturday, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took the policy one step further, demanding that felons be allowed to vote while serving their time in prison.

The Des Moines Register reports that the Vermont independent, who is running as the most progressive candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, suggested that prisoners should be allowed to vote from behind bars — a step further than Iowa seems willing to go.

Sanders noted, “I think that is absolutely the direction we should go.

In light of the New Zealand mosque shooting where 50 innocent people were murdered, the nation’s prime minister banned “military-style semi-automatic” guns.

Bernie is all in favor.

The problem is that he wants to do the same thing over here…in America.

Wouldn’t that be swell? Who needs Second Amendment rights, huh?

As noted by Ryan Saavedra:

Bernie Sanders announces he supports confiscating all semi-automatic firearms from law abiding citizens, which is what New Zealand is doing

Bernie’s tweet:

Bernie, if elected POTUS, would almost certainly rip up the Second Amendment. Sanders is, himself, the definition of hypocrisy.

He calls for the rich to fork over their cash in order to be redistributed, yet forgets he’s a member of the 1%. He’s also big into “saving” the planet, yet has no problem flying private.

The list could go on for a while.

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